Tired of Receiving Guests After Giving Birth, This Is the Solution

After a tiring labor process, Mother must start another new struggle. Starting from staying up late breastfeeding a baby, to clean up all matters at home. When Mother wants to rest, but many relatives want to come visit. How to work around this? Newborns do not have a fixed sleep pattern, usually will wake up every two hours to suckle. Supposedly, Mother goes to sleep when the baby sleeps to restore energy. But again the cellphone rang or got a message that a close friend or family would come to visit. Don't worry Bun, there are a number of ways you can please all parties. Tips for Welcoming Guests at Home It is indeed not easy to refuse the requests of friends or relatives, who want to come visit to see a newborn baby. So that good intentions can still be welcomed by the Mother without exhausting excessively, the following ways can be done: Keep the light on guests Before guests arrive, there is no need to hesitate to tell them what time they should go home, so Mother and
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